Screen Shots

Submit Claims

The Submit Claims tab displays claims that are waiting to be submitted electronically via ClaimX. The claim details are available within; the bottom section of the screen. You can send specific claims or all claims from this area.

Check Claim Status

The Check Claim Status tab is used to check on submitted but unpaid claims. You can search by various methods, including; date range, specific date, specific insurance companies or all submitted claims.


Insurance Response

The Insurance Response tab allows you to review response information received back from various insurance companies. You can change the range of dates displayed.


Quick Eligibility Check

The Quick Eligibility Check tab allows you to research the eligibility of a non-patient. You can enter their insurance information and get back information on their eligibility. This feature allows you to check the eligibility without contacting the insurance company for a non-patient.


Check Patient Eligibility

The Check Patient Eligibility tab allows you to check the eligibility for patients. You can check the patient eligibility on patients by upcoming dates or by all patients. This feature allows your office to know the details on patient eligibility prior to their coming in for an appointment.


View Reports

The View Reports tab allows you to view all the reports returned from insurance companies. The reports are sorted by date.


Click here to download the ClaimX Eligibility Examples and Payer List