SoftCom Information

SoftCom TM
Efficiently communicate within your office.

A Colored Light System & Text Message Software Package
For Intra Office Communications

SoftCom was created in 1994 - We are the Dental Software Communication Experts

Version 3.3 Build 7

Why Use SoftCom?

  • Non-Verbal Communications within your office

  • Spend less time away from your desk delivering messages

  • Improve phone message management and delivery

  • Get immediate help from other team members

  • Intra-Office Email System (Text Messages) with confirmation of receipt option

  • Monitor/View/Delete text messages that reside on other stations

  • Inbox login capabilities from any workstation

  • Automatic text message delete and/or mark as read options

  • Automatically maximize or minimize the program on your screen

  • Private message sending option

  • One click message sending

  • Utilize the "F" keys on your keyboard

  • Buttons can be modified to display the text of your choice

  • Optional sounds based on events or individual buttons

  • Quick ViewTM reduces the needed screen real estate

  • Can be integrated with your existing Practice Management Software

  • No external hardware is required

  • Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/W7

SoftCom 16-button -> NOW $395 Unlimited Users

SoftCom 24-button -> ----
January 1, 2004 24-button has been discontinued.

SoftCom 32-button -> NOW $595 Unlimited Users

Download a FREE fully functional trial version of SoftCom.
See for yourself how SoftCom can be used in your office. This FREE trial
version of SoftCom is the ACTUAL retail
32 button version.
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Click here to download the
fully functional 32 Button
Trial Version
Once installed the Trial Version will EXPIRE in 30 days.
Re-Installing the SoftCom Trial Version software will not set a new expiration date.

SoftCom's workstation control panel
The color and number buttons can be customized with your own letters.

Standard SoftCom Screen Shot

Text on Buttons Screen Shot

Long Description Screen Shot Feature

Below shows a yellow box with black text. This is the long description that can be added
to any text label that appears on a button when the mouse is placed over the button.

SoftCom In Action

<=Quick View

Quick View In Action (32 button system)


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